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Living Room – Airbnb Management Company


  • What services do you provide?
    1) Create New, Compelling and Updated Airbnb Listing Arrange for free new professional photography for your listing Prepare new listing including enhancements to title and description 2) KPI Benchmarking and Monthly Action Plan Benchmark and monitor KPI’s for your listing Provide monthly KPI dashboard showing your listings progress Identify key opportunities and action items 3) Marketing Support - Daily Listing and Pricing Optimization Listing Optimization Set, monitor and adjust nightly pricing, daily Adjust listing calendar Update listing description, content, weekly 4) 24/7/365 Booking and Reservation Support Act as primary point of contact for all guest communication and be represented as such on the Airbnb platform. Booking Respond to reservation requests Respond to guest inquiries and questions Screen guests using pre-determined criteria Accept or decline guest bookings requests Extending, shortening, or otherwise altering Guest Bookings as needed Pre-Check-in Issue “Thank You for Booking” communication Provide directions and check-in instructions Issue e-copy of House Manual Provide destination information, recommendations and tips Respond to early check-in requests Respond to guest questions Confirm cleaning complete and that listing is guest ready 5) 24/7/365 Guest Service Support Act as primary point of contact for all guest communication and be represented as such on the Airbnb platform. Check-in Confirm smooth check-in experience Respond to guest enquiries or questions Contact and coordinate check-in personnel if required During Stay Respond to guest questions and assist with guest issues Coordinate emergency maintenance when required Provide additional recommendations as requested Handle stay extensions or modifications if required Provide notification of check-out details and timing Respond to requests for late check-out Resolving guest issues with Airbnb when required 6) Post Stay - Guest Service Support Act as primary point of contact for all guest communication and be represented as such on the Airbnb platform. Send thank you message and review prompt to guest Prepare and publish guest review Send guest review thank you and request to add listing to their “Wish List” Prepare public response for guest review Liaising with Guests on potential issues on the Airbnb Resolution Center Resolving disputes with Guests Interacting with Airbnb, including Airbnb Customer Support. 7) Post Stay - Coordinating House Cleaning and Maintenance Co-ordinate scheduling and confirm arrival of cleaning crew Confirm property condition and list of supplies that need to be replenished Coordinate minor maintenance if required Confirm cleaning complete and that listing is guest ready
  • Why do you specialize and only work with Airbnb listings?
    We feel our business model and operating philosophy are closely aligned to those of Airbnb. We believe that concentrating our efforts on the most progressive listing platform and the types of guests it targets will yield the best results for you. We focus on building your brand, reputation, and review history on Airbnb. This represents a very strategic and targeted effort to be a superior host on Airbnb versus a generalist across multiple platforms. We also believe Airbnb provides an important and unprecedented level of host protection and security assurance that other platforms just don’t. This includes guest verified ID, guest reviews by other hosts, the simplest payment system and Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance of $1 million.
  • How do you optimize my Airbnb listing every day?
    We start using our dynamic pricing tool to optimize your nightly rates. We also update your listing copy, add new listing content or tweak your guidebook to keep it up to date. We want to signal to Airbnb that you are an active participant in their community and are constantly working to enhance the overall guest experience by ensuring your listing is current, information-rich and relevant. You may not be a full-time host but your listing will be acting like one.
  • How do you determine the nightly price for my listing?
    We monitor and adjust the nightly price in relation to your competition; your market seasonality; your review scores and upcoming spikes in demand. We employ this type of dynamic pricing to find that “sweet spot” that achieves a healthy occupancy level, a high post-stay “Value” score and a solid return on your Airbnb investment. We don’t believe in low balling your nightly rate just to fill the calendar at any price.
  • Can I set a minimum price for my listing?
    Yes. We won’t set your nightly price below what you establish as the minimum nightly price. We believe setting a minimum price is critically important to maintain your value position versus competitive listings in your area. It also serves as an important screener ensuring you are targeting guests best suited to your property and your unique value proposition.
  • Do I have to use the Instant Book feature?
    The Instant Book feature is an important search filter on Airbnb and using it will significantly improve your listings performance. However, it is completely your decision whether you would like us to turn on the Instant Booking feature for your listing. Some hosts are comfortable using Instant Booking while others would rather have us use additional screening measures before accepting a booking.
  • Are you featured as the host or co-host on my listing?
    We are featured as the Host of your listing as we would be the guest’s main point of contact for all booking enquiries, communications and questions.
  • How do you screen potential guests?
    All guests must meet the minimum requirements as set out by Airbnb. This includes a confirmed phone number, email address, payment information, and agreement to your specific House Rules. We also recommend they meet the requirement of verifying their identity with government-issued ID. If you would rather not use Airbnb’s Instant Book feature for your listing, we will use additional screening measures such as positive reviews from other hosts before accepting a booking. These requirements will be determined and agreed to by you in advance so you can be comfortable that all guests meet your specific criteria.
  • How do you handle guest inquiries and communications?
    Quickly. And in a friendly and professional manner. Whether it’s for an initial booking inquiry or a late-night question, we set our target response time at 15 minutes (and beat that 99% of the time). Unlike other management companies, our hosting team is here to respond to your guests 24/7/365 in a professional yet courtesy and helpful manner. We use Airbnb’s Communication rating score as the metric of how we are doing on this important KPI.
  • Do you write our guest reviews?
    Absolutely. Reviews are a key contributing factor to your listings KPI’s and an important aspect of what it means to be a good member of the Airbnb community. Not only do we write guest reviews, we also proactively prompt guests to leave a review immediately following each stay. Even if they are repeat guests. Reviews are initiated and posted immediately after we receive notification from either your cleaning team or on the ground manager that the guest has left the property in good condition and there are no damaged or missing items.
  • If there is an issue with a guest, will you work with Airbnb on my behalf to help get it resolved?"
    Yes. Under your guidance and direction, we will coordinate all the communication with Airbnb and the guest to help find a resolution.
  • Do you meet guests to give them keys or help them check-in?
    No. We operate as your virtual, internet based host and handle all guest contact and communication through the Airbnb website or app. Your Airbnb rental must offer self-check-in via a digital keypad, smart lock, lockbox, building staff or other means. If you have someone on the ground who will be helping guests with check-in, we can help coordinate with them to meet the guest on arrival.
  • Do you coordinate with my cleaners or other on the ground services?
    We co-ordinate all communication and scheduling with your cleaners as well as any other on the ground services you may employ for your Airbnb listing. This includes initial scheduling as well as a post-clean follow-up to ensure the job is complete and your listing is guest ready. Depending on how you like to operate, we can also ask them to report to you on any post stay or supply replenishment requirements.
  • How are Guest Payments from Airbnb handled?
    All payouts are handled directly on the Airbnb platform. We set-up each listing with two payment accounts – yours and ours. When Airbnb issues the payout for a particular reservation, Airbnb will pay your portion of the payment directly into your bank account and our portion directly into Airbanaco’s bank account. In other words, we only collect our portion of the payout from Airbnb and your portion of the payout is directly deposited into your account by Airbnb. This eliminates delays and ensures that you receive payments quickly and securely. You will also receive a monthly account statement for your listing detailing all reservation activity, payouts received, payouts issued and our co hosting service fee.
  • What are your fees?
    We have a very low 10% co-hosting service fee that is calculated on the Airbnb Payout for each completed reservation. It includes our complete performance-driven management system along with your custom, monthly KPI action plan. View here for a simple fee calculation example.
  • Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?
    No. If you are unhappy with our services, you can terminate our agreement at any time. See our Terms of Service for complete details.
  • Can I still enjoy my home for personal use?
    Yes. You are able to block any dates on your calendar for your own personal use as long as there is not a pre existing booking on those dates.
  • What do I do next?
    Just click here and get started today.
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